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"Offering positive hunting experiences of FREE RANGE Exotics, Whitetail and Hog Hunts in the Hill Country of Texas on a network of ranches to hunt. 

 Live the Passion with No Trophy fees, PRIVATE PARTIES, year round hunting, with guides on site to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner, clean your animals and lodging all included"

Pro Texas Hunts Sales

Group Hunts

Sale 1. Guaranteed Exotic Opportunity and shoot  up to 4 Hogs per hunter (5 Animals per hunter) with 3 Days and 2 Nights Lodging included. (Hunt from Mid Day 1 - Mid Day 3 with night hunting and Green lights)

$1,200 per hunter (4-12 hunters) 

$1,500 per hunter (2-3 hunters)

Exotics Include: Free range & low fence Axis deer, Elk, Aoudad Ram, Texas Dall Ram, Fallow and Black buck.

"No Kill or Trophy fees applied"

Applies to: 6 T Ranch

Sale 2: 3 hogs per hunter any size with guaranteed kills and the opportunity to hunt free range exotics with "Kill Fees" See Kill Fees below.

3 days and 2 nights Included. (Hunt from Mid Day 1 - Mid Day 3 with night hunting and Green lights)

$750 per person (2-3 hunter)

$600 per person (4 or more)

(Additional hogs $75 per hog)

Sale 2 Applies to: 6 T Ranch, Patriot Ranch

Sale 3. Unlimited hogs with  3 Days and 2 Nights of hunting.

(Hunt from Mid Day 1 - Mid Day 3 with night hunting and Green lights)

$550 per hog hunter 2-3 hunters 

$500 per hog hunter with 4 or more hunters

-Lodging not included (Hotels located in Uvalde Texas)

Applies to 500 T ranch

Sale 4. 1 Day Hog Hunts 

-Guaranteed 1 hog Shot opportunity per hunter (6T Ranch and Patriot) or Unlimited hogs and the opportunity to hunt free range exotics. 

$250 per hunter (2-8 hunters)

(Additional hogs on guaranteed hunts, no size or weight limit $75 per hog)

Sale 5 applies to: 6 T Ranch, Patriot Ranch and 500 T Ranch

Kill Fees on Free Range Exotics-No Trophy Fees! T -You don’t shoot, you don’t pay any extra fees. Free range exotics also available on our low fence ranches: 

Axis does $350, Axis Bucks $1,250 any size, Cow Elk $1,200, Bull Elk $2,500, Black buck $,1,200, Aoudad any size $1,500, Mountain Lions $1,000, Fallow Deer $1,200, Texas Dall Ram $1,5 & coyotes or predators free!  On Guaranteed hog hunts additional hogs are $75 per hog with no weight limit or sizes. Turkey $600

Ranch Inclusions with full Packages:

"Applies to all ranches with lodging"

-Professional Guides on site 24/7

-Shower towels not provided

-Sheets and Pillows Provided but encourage hunters to bring their own sleeping bag or blankets.

-50% security deposit to lock in your hunt

-High success rates

-Semi Guided

-Bow and Gun Set ups

-Spot and Stalk & Still Hunting

-Private Party set ups 

-Bunk Bed Lodging with bedding 

-Grills on Site to cook

-Camp Fire Set ups

-Deep Freezers or Coolers on sight

-Cleaning Stations

-Coffee Stations on site

-Cleaning Fees Tip based or 10 animals or more $50 per animal

-ATV Friendly

-Thermals permitted

-Any caliber permitted 

-Motion Green Lights for Night hunting

-Corn Feeders

-Feed year round

-Hang out areas 

-Fire Pits

-Heat & AC in all cabins

-Safe Blinds

-Office Chairs in all blinds

-30-250 yard shots

-Year Round Hunting 

-Hunters provide their own food but guide cooks for all Hunting parties

-Hunt all day & all night

-No alcohol while hunting but at camp is permitted

-At guides discretion hunters will only be permitted to hunt if properly cleared for safety reasons

-All hunters must have hunting license on them at all times

- Additional Days to hunt per hunter $250

-(Guest fees, $100 per day) or $200 for 3 days 2 Nights and additional days to hunt for hunt

Pro Texas Hunts

Texas Hill Country Trophy Hunt

The Hill Country Trophy Challenge

The Executive Hunt Challenge

-4 days and 3 nights $3,000 per hunter with guaranteed shot opportunities

-Free Range Hill Country NO high fences

-Kill fees apply on all Exotics but NO Trophy fees!

-90% success rate 

-All meals included

-Lodging Included 

-Blind and Spot and Stalk Hunts

-Fully Guided

-Field Dressing Included 

-Drinks Included

-1 on 1 buddy hunt 

-Hike 3-10 miles or you have the option to stand hunt

-Stand with Spot and Stalk options 

-No ATV’s 

-ATV only permitted for "Recovery"

-Back Pack 4 Days and come into party and relax

-Shots 200-600 yards

-Spot and Stalk only 

-1-2 Executive Hunters

“Spot and stalk the Hill Country of Texas with a fully guided Trip and all meals, drinks and lodging included!"

Hunt with our experienced hunters. We offer an opportunity of a lifetime to hunt Whitetail, Exotic and Hogs year round! This is a true test of your patience and stamina in chasing free range Aoudad , Elk, Axis and wide variety of Exotics with over 1,000 acres of ranch lands. Be prepared to hike over 3,000 foot of elevation. This is a true hunt within the Hill Country of Texas without the harsh winters of Colorado but a true hunting experience. No blind hunting permitted. This is a pure spot and stalk hunt. 

"Kill fees apply if you draw blood"

Free range exotics also available on our low fence ranches: Axis does $600, Axis Bucks $2,500 any size, Whitetail Buck $2,000, Whitetail Doe $500, Cow Elk $2,000, Bull Elk $2,500, Black buck $2,000, Aoudad size $2,000, Mountain Lions $2,000, Fallow Deer $2,000, Texas Dall Ram $1,500 & coyotes or predators free! Hogs $100


Alpha Ranch

The Alpha Ranch Pro Texas Hunts

The Alpha Ranch is our corporate ranch of Juan Adriatico for friends and family, great for long range shooting, cannon shoots and testing out our newest Military Grade Fire Arms with competition shooting for our TV Shows.  We love blowing off a little steam with just the place to do it. We love showing our investors to a good time to enjoy the company of future partners with Pro Texas Hunts and Hunting Franchises.

We welcome investors to hunt with us and to enjoy the Hill Country of Texas with a variety of game to shoot! 

The 6 T Ranch

The 6 T Ranch

The 6 T ranch is located in Campwood, Texas. Great ranch for 2-8 Hunters with guaranteed hog kills! Terrain: Gentle ranch with heavy timber, great for bow hunters, kids and groups alike. Feeders, blinds, spot and stalks permitted. Beautiful ranch located near the Frio River with river fishing available.

Game: Hogs, Hogs, Hogs

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6 T Ranch

The Patriot Ranch

Patriot Ranch Rocksprings Texas

The Patriot ranch is located in Rocksprings, Texas. Great ranch for 2-4 Hunters. Terrain: Heavily wooded with Cedars and tight shooting. Tight shooting with feeders, blinds, spot and stalks permitted. 

Game: Free range exotics consist of Axis, Texas Dall Rams, Black buck, Elk, unlimited hogs and more!

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Patriot Ranch

The 500 T Ranch

Pro Texas Hunts

The 500 T ranch is located in Uvalde, Texas. Great ranch for 4-12 Hunters. Terrain: Rocky with feeders, blinds, spot and stalks. 

Game: Free range exotics consist of Aoudad, Axis, Black buck, Elk, unlimited hogs and more! The 500 T Ranch is free range with cabins and a great location to conduct corporate hunts.

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500 T Ranch

Double Nobs Ranch

Double Nob Ranch

This ranch is 1000 acres of rough terrain where we run our executive hunts year round. We chase Aoudad, Axis, Elk, Texas Dall, Black Buck and whatever our hunters can see. This is a very challenging ranch to run and hike. Located in Uvalde Texas we are excited to take our clients on a adventure of a lifetime! Kill Rates apply on all animals.

Double Nob Ranch


Competitors Pricing

Texas Exotic Hill Country Hunts ranging from $2,500-$10,000 per hunter.





 Texas Zip Line Hog Hunts

Enjoy a remarkable 3 days and 2 nights of Zip Line Hog hunting with traditional day and night hunting included!

-Guaranteed 10 hogs per hunter $1500 for 4 or more or $1800 2-3 hunters

Zip Line Hog Hunting


3 Days and 2 Nights of lodging included

-2-8 hunters permitted per party

-8 Hogs on the Zip Line Per hunter

-Zip as much as you like all 3 days

-2 Hogs with Night Vision

-Meals Provided

-ATV Night & Day Riding friendly (Bring your own)

-Bunk Lodging

-Night Skeet Shooting provided

-Shot Guns Provided on the Zip Line

-Night Vision and Rifles Provided

-Private parties only


$2500 per hunter 4 or more hunters

-3 Days & 2 Nights Lodging Included 

-Meals Provided

-18 hogs per hunter on the Zip Line

-Shoot 5 Hogs with a 50 Caliber

-2 Hogs with Night Vision

-Night Skeet Shooting

-Shot Guns provided

-Night Vision and Rifles provided

-Private parties only

Pro Texas Hunts


Pro Texas Hunts since 1985 has been serving sportsman across the globe. With ranches owned and contracted are we dedicated to offering amazing outdoor experiences for our hunting parties. We live the passion in chasing free range Elk, Trophy Axis, Aoudad Ram, black buck, hogs and over 90 different species in the Hill Country of Texas with night and days hunts permitted.

Hunting the Hill Country is not like any other traditional North America hunting experience with great weather and challenging terrains.  

We specialize in group hunts with a network of ranches to choose from! We make hunting fun for team building, company exercises, first time hunters, experienced hunters, military, police, oil companies and more. we offer the pursuit of fair chase, low fence and free range exotics at affordable prices. We welcome bow, gun and kids alike.


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Locations: Rocksprings, Campwood and Uvalde Texas.

Texas Hog Hunting

Why Pro Texas Hunts?

Why hunt with PTH? We offer not 1 or 2 ranches but a NETWORK of LOW FENCE ranches in the  Hill Country of Texas with Free Range Exotics that rotate on a crop rotation cycle with biological herd management systems in place to offer low price hunts with quantity set ups for our hunting parties. Best of all our hunting parties are private, giving your party privacy and seclusion to large groups of other outfitters.

 We specialize in fun group hunts for everyone to enjoy year round! We offer standard lodging with the majority of our packages with experienced and trained guides on site to service your party! Why hunt 1 ranch when you can hunt 10? We like dropping brass and enjoy seeing our clients happy with repeat customers year after year! We are a Combat Veteran Owned Company that seeks to take care of each and every customer as if they were our own. We hold these values close God, Family, Country & Guns! 

PTH Cancelation Policy & Licensing

There is a $1000 cancellation fee for all Hunts to rescheduled. There is a non refund policy for all trips. Hunters who do not show will also not be refunded. For all free range hunts there is no guarantee kills but only a guaranteed hunting experience with free animals. Fifty percent is on the hunters expertise and fifty percent is on the wild animals. We work hard to accommodate all hunters to the best of our ability with 100 percent integrity. There is a non refund policy on all hunts or fishing trips booked. All hunters and fishing parties are responsible for their own hunting & fishing license. 

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